KINETICS 8000-HP in serial operation

• temperatures >1000°C
• pressure up to 40 bar
• gas consumption up to 160 m³/h per hour
• 85 kW output
• increase of deposition rate (compared to K4000) by 100%
• lower coating costs
• more materials usable
• deposition rate up to 16-18 kg/h
applicable materials for cold gas spraying:

316 L austenitic stainless steell
430 L ferritic stainless steel
FeCo 50/50 iron cobalt 50/50
Inconel® stainless high-temperature
nickel-based alloy
MCrAlY hot gas corrosion protection
Mg magnesium
Nb niobium
Ni nickel
NiCr 80/20 nickel chromium alloy
Pt platinum
Ta tantalum
Ti titanium
Hastelloy® nickel molybdenum alloy

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